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Robot Vacuum

Drop cornflower in the kitchen? No problem. Ask the robot vacuum to clean up the mess. Hate noise? Schedule the vacuuming each day while you are showering. No problem.

The robot vacuum is a great life improvement for anyone, especially someone who finds it difficult to bend to the floor, hold heavy appliances or find loud noises stressful. Robot vacuum allows you to have a clean home without exerting energy and completing the somewhat strenuous task of pushing around a vacuum cleaner.

So, adopt a robot vacuum cleaner into your home. Get control over your home without lifting a finger with this great piece of assistive technology.


When cleaning the floor made easy.

The robot vacuum allows you to easily get rid of dust, dirt, pet dander and debris on hard floors, tiles, carpets and other surfaces. It’s also equipped with a mopping function, making it especially suited to taking care of spills. Robot vacuum features ultrasonic sensors to detect carpets and area rugs, as well as app connectivity to easily monitor vacuuming routes, adjust suction power and tweak cleaning sequencing.

Depending on your propose and budget, we do have a large range of robot vacuums available for you to choose from.


  • Sonic mopping technology vibrates 3000 times per minute for a deep and effective clean.
  • Ultrasonic sensors detect carpet and area rugs, then automatically lifts the mop to continue vacuuming those surfaces.
  • App connectivity to monitor and adjust cleaning routes, sequencing and suction power.
  • Multi-level mapping memorises maps of multiple storeys in your home.
  • Rubber brush roll for added durability and resistance to hair tangling.
  • Safety lock prevents children from starting unscheduled cleaning sessions.